Help Wanted – 3D Digital Artist Modeler (Blender or Rhinoceros)

In search of a 3D Digital Modeler to make surface model of architectural ornament pictorial using Blender or Rhinoceros.

Artist will need to do the following tasks:

  • Import a given .PDF or .JPG file and convert into 2D editable outline drawing .DWG or .DXF
  • Convert 2D outline drawing into 3D model to X,Y & Z. given specs.
  • Save file to an .IGS file format when completed.

Attached link will demonstrate exactly what we are looking for and need.

IGS. file must be importable and usable in solidworks when completed. Need to be able do the following task with IGS files.

  • Populate the model properties    
  • Make 2D dimensional drawings
  • Able to design and make molds and Analysis off of the model
A picture containing building, clock, wall, photo

Description automatically generated
Sample of finished 3D model

Contact the following for more information and to discuss job task more and your hourly rate:

C&H Specialty Craftworks

1118 Lunt Unit G

Schaumburg, IL. 60193

Attn: Hollice Childress (Owner)

Phone – 847-207-0052

Email –